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Spiral Conveyor Success in Bakery Applications

Minimizing downtime and maintenance is a key goal for bakeries in spiral conveyance applications.

  • Black specks and grease from metal wear often cause product contamination
  • Poor product release from the conveyor belt surface increases product waste
  • Required lubrication, welding, and flipping of the conveyor belt increase downtime
Intralox’s line of Spiralox™ belting can be used in many bakery applications, including spiral freezers, chillers, ambient coolers, raw dough, and pan proofers.

Spiralox belting requires no lubrication, welding, or flipping and can lower downtime and maintenance by 75%. The Spiralox modular plastic belt material eliminates problems caused by metal wear debris and provides better product release, resulting in improved product quality and reduced product waste. Intralox belting reduces belt tension in spirals, providing additional benefits:
  • Longer belt life—load sharing technology provides zero belt fatigue
  • Longer system life—lighter weight and smooth edges contribute to favorable friction factors
  • Increased throughput—lighter weight increases capacity and less downtime increases profits
  • Improved energy efficiency—low tension and lighter weight reduce kilowatt usage

Intralox has over 300 bakery installations around the world and has solved many bakery challenges experienced with older spiral technologies.

For more information: Intralox L.L.C. Europe

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