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When you are looking for information about the production of a certain product, go to (for example) beverages in the menu and you will find a process description, editorials and flow sheets of (for example) fruit-juice.

Below, you will find examples of articles about the production processes of several branches. In the menu you will find all the branches.

Dairy Products

The first findings on the use and production of milk date from more than 6,000 years ago. Milk is produced all over the world from animals which are well-adapted to their specific environmental conditions. 3.5% protein 2.8% casein 3.7% fat 4.8% carbohydrates and 0.7% ash the rest is water (approx. 87%). The conductivity of milk ranges between 3 and 5... go to >> Dairy Products

Meat & fish

Before the start of agriculture ca. 10,000 years B.C., the killing of animals for food reasons was one of the most important social activities of the pre-historical human being. Even now, some tribes in Tanzania and Australia live on hunting and fishing. Although a small, but increasing % of the population switches over for ethical reasons to meat replacers (vegetarian products), meat and... go to >> Meat & fish

Edible oil and fat production

Oils and fats occur naturally in a wide range of sources, although only around 22 vegetable oils are processed on a commercial scale around the world. In terms of function of the raw material used, the following processes may be distinguished: production of oils from oilseeds production of oils from fruit pulp production of slaughterhouse animal fats production of marine... go to >> Edible oil and fat production