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size reduction, mixing, forming

Homogenisation, Conching

The aim of homogenisation is to attain a more even particle size or a more homogeneous blend of materials. It is, for example, applied to whole milk to reduce the size of fat globules so that they stay evenly divided in the milk, thereby preventing skimming of the fat. The liquid (whole milk) is pressed under high pressure (200 -300 bar) through a small orifice. Conching is a special... go to >> Homogenisation, Conching

Mixing, blending, stirring

The aim of this group of operations is to obtain a uniform mixture from two or more components or to obtain an even particle size distribution in a food material. This can also result in improved characteristics and eating quality. These operations are widely applied in almost all sectors of the food industry. Mixing (blending) is the combination of different materials. In mixing, the... go to >> Mixing, blending, stirring

Cutting, slicing, chopping, mincing, pulping, pressing

The objective of cutting, slicing, chopping, mincing and pulping processes is to reduce the size of material either for further processing or to improve the eating quality or suitability of foods for direct consumption. These operations are very widely applied in the food industry. For example, they are used in the processing of meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, and various... go to >> Cutting, slicing, chopping, mincing, pulping, pressing

Grinding, milling, crushing

Grinding (milling) is used for the size reduction of solid dry material. It may also improve the eating quality and/or suitability of the material for further processing. Milling is also used to crush cane sugar, to facilitate the extraction of sugar in sugar and rum factories. Crushing covers, for instance, breaking the skin of berries and then crushing the berries to liberate the... go to >> Grinding, milling, crushing

Forming, moulding, extruding

Forming/moulding and extruding are operations to achieve a certain shape of solid materials Forming/moulding is an operation widely applied in the production of chocolate, bread, biscuits, confectionery and pies. Moulding is also an important process step in cheesemaking. Extrusion is widely used in the production of meat sausages, confectionery products and starchbased snack... go to >> Forming, moulding, extruding