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Cocoa manufacture

Drinking cocoa typically consists of cocoa powder, vanillin, cinnamon, salt, cassia and other powdered spices. Raw beans are received at the factory and subjected to a series of cleaning operations to remove extraneous matter such as fibre, stones, grit, metal, bean clusters and immature beans. The latter two materials may be used for cocoa butter manufacture. The beans are roasted;... go to >> Cocoa manufacture


Chocolate is a very popular candy all over the world. The chocolate can be produced in all shapes and with or without a filling. Chocolate is produced from cacaobeans. Anything can be called chocolate in the EU, as long as it contains at least 1% chocolate. (In the USA the FDA minimum is 10%.) However the EU said that each bar must state on the label the percentage of cacao that it... go to >> Chocolate

Sugar syrup (sweeteners) manufacture

The starch slurry is also the starting raw material for the manufacture of sugar syrups; which are produced by the action of acids, enzymes or a combination of both. The process is made in different liquefaction, saccharification and isomerisation reactors. In a typical process, dilute hydrochloric acid and a starch slurry (the final product of starch manufacture before drying) are mixed. The... go to >> Sugar syrup (sweeteners) manufacture

Cocoa preparation

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