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Even the ancient Egyptians appreciated the outstanding properties of beer. Since no micro-organisms grow in beer, it can be stored for a long period of time. Other cultures fermented wine for the very same reasons. Fermentation is the keyword in this respect. In addition to carbon dioxide and some spices, alcohol is responsible to a large extent for the storing quality of beer. The... go to >> Beer


Juice is a very healthy food. It consists of water, fruit sugar, fruit acid and minerals. Depending on the particular type, juice contains different vitamin concentrations. Due to its high water content, juice is very susceptible to micro-organisms and must be processed very carefully and hygienically. Production is divided into two steps: The fruit is cleaned and sorted after harvesting.... go to >> Juice


Drinking water is a scarce commodity here on earth - around 97.4% of our water supplies comprise undrinkable salt water. Only 2.6% of water on earth is fresh water, and only a fraction of these supplies is high-quality mineral water. Only water intended for bottling in containers will be considered here. Water is very important in physiological terms for the human body. Water is required to... go to >> Water

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks include all drinks which are made from water or mineral water, sugar, aromas and essences. These drinks usually contain carbon dioxide. Their conductivity ranges between 1.0 and 3.0 mS/cm. Since the manufacturing process is very similar, this chapter also covers drinks containing additional advantages, e.g. isotonic drinks, energy drinks, etc. An increasing number of... go to >> Soft Drinks


Wine producers are often inclined to say that the wine is already made in the vineyard. By this they mean that the flavor of the wine is already decided by the vine. However, during the process of making wine the flavor can still be influenced for a great deal. In an uncontrolled process good grapes may still give vinegar instead of wine. During the production process many parameters influence... go to >> Wine