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International branche organisations

CIAA - Confederation of the Food and Drink Industries in Europe FIAA (Austria) FEVIA (Belgium) PKCR (Czechia) FI (Denmark) ETL (Finland) ANIA (France) BLL/BVE (Germany) SEVT (Greece) EFOSZ (Hungary) FDII (Ireland) FEDERALIMENTARE (Italy) LPUF (Latvia) FIAL (Luxembourg) NBL (Noorway) PFPZ (Poland) FIPA... go to >> International branche organisations

Lubricants links

Food-grade lubricants: NSF H1 - Nonfood Compounds Registration (EU) European Lubricating Grease Institute (USA) National Lubricating Grease Institute (EU) UEIL - Independent Union of the European Lubricant... go to >> Lubricants links