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Contamination of several foodstuffs

Slaughter In general meat of a carcass is sterile just after slaughter. If the animal became stressed just before slaughter, the meat can be contaminated. Depending on the animal species, the number of germs can amount 103/g in that case. During bad evisceration, bacteria can enter the intestines of the muscles and cause “bone taint” (discolouration of the meat in the neighbourhood... go to >> Contamination of several foodstuffs

Quality of meat

Most important aspect of the sensory quality of meat is the colour. A pink, bright red or deep red colour is wanted. Responsible for the colour of meat are: the quantity of colourpigments in the meat: myoglobin is most responsible for the color hemoglobin is less responsible oxidative reactions to the colourpigments: iron ions... go to >> Quality of meat

General introduction to Food Safety Risk Analyses

Acronyms and abbreviationsForeword Introduction risk analysisRisk managementRisk assessment Risk communicationGlossary risk analysesCase methylmercury in fishCase L monocytogenes~~~ notes: 1 For information, see: i) FAO/WHO. 1995. Application of Risk Analysis to Food Standards Issues. Report of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Consultation. Geneva, 13-17 March 1995 (available at:... go to >> General introduction to Food Safety Risk Analyses

Recalls at FSA

Site FSA met... go to >> Recalls at FSA