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In nearly every food manufacturing company raw materials, half products and end products are moved using pumps. Pumps are also being used for dosing. Important issues when choosing a pump are: Which product is being pumped? What is its density, viscosity, saturated pressure? What are the chemical, grinding and lubrication properties? How about presence of solids? What is the... go to >> Pumps

The CyberjEt tank cleaning robot in short

The CyberjEt is a CIP tank cleaning machine that uses robot technology for steering the motion of the jetting directions. The unique feature of the CyberjEt is that it takes into account the tank shape and rigidity of the local pollution to be removed. This saves huge amounts of cleaning agent, time, energy and waste water. Ordinary rotating tank washing machines will spray water evenly in... go to >> The CyberjEt tank cleaning robot in short