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Product Waste Reduced at Vitacress Salads, Ltd.

Vitacress Salads, Ltd. is a UK-based manufacturer of watercress and baby leaf salads. Their St. Mary Bourne, Hampshire plant outputs over a million bags of salad per week.

Vitacress was experiencing an unacceptable level of fresh cut product waste across their factories. One of the main causes of the waste was product sticking to the surface of their conveyor belts. Vitacress partnered with Intralox to analyze conveyor production efficiency.

Vitacress tested the Intralox solution on one of their most critical applications—the elevator to the multi-head weigher. Product waste reduction as well as conveyor sanitation was a critical factor in belt selection. Vitacress installed the Intralox Series 1600 Nub Top™ belt.

The Series 1600 Nub Top’s closed, upper surface eliminated product damage while facilitating efficient cleaning. The Nub Top surface also provided effective fresh cut product release. Following installation, Vitacress reported a significant reduction in product waste. Payback period was less than one year.

For more information: Intralox L.L.C. Europe

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