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Plusfood Improves Spiral Efficiency

Plusfood is a major supplier of Further Processed Poultry (FPP) products in Europe. Approximately 2% of all plant maintenance (a total of one half day per month) was spent checking, repairing, and maintaining their steel spiral conveyor belts.

Problems included frequent belt breakage and belt flipping due to high tension. Replacement belts cost Plusfood 9,000 euros per year. Broken metal belt links often caused product damage. Plusfood also wanted to increase spiral sanitation.

Plusfood chose Intralox’s modular plastic belting spiral solution to retrofit the steel spiral: Series 2700 Spiralox™, an acetal belt with flush edges and the EZ Clean In Place (CIP) system.

Two months after installing the Intralox system, Plusfood reported improved efficiency. The spiral belt performed without tension, and production stops for repair were no longer necessary. Cleaning time for the spiral was also reduced.

For more information: Intralox L.L.C. Europe

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