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Intralox revolutionized the conveyor industry over thirty years ago with the introduction of modular plastic belting. Today, Intralox continues to be a leading innovator of conveyance solutions that enable companies worldwide to increase conveyor productivity, decrease production costs, and minimize downtime in their plants.

We partner directly with our customers to deliver innovative products and unmatched services—before, during, and after the sale. We provide customized solutions to meet our customers’ specific requirements, backed by money-back guarantees for satisfactory belt performance and on-time shipping.

Intralox customers receive global customer support with 24-hour customer service and corporate offices and assembly centers worldwide—we are your global partner for modular plastic belting solutions.

Supplier of (complete lines / equipment for)

Pallet conveyors
Conveying and storage systems
Conveying equipment for baking materials
Conveyers for bottles, cans, casks, boxes
Bottle conveyors
Can conveyors
Casks conveyors
Box and cases conveyors
Soft pack and bag conveyors
Conveyors for other containers
Conveyor belt


Consistent Cleaning in Less Time with Intralox EZ Clean Solution
Increased Production with a Quick Payback Achieved with Intralox Solutions
Intralox Belting Excels in Seafood Spiral Freezer
Intralox Partners with PepsiCo Increasing Capacity and Reduce Labor Requirements
Intralox Solution: Significant Advantages over Competition for Oerlemans Foods
Labor Reduced by 50% with ARB Alignment Solution
Labor Reduced by 50% with ARB Alignment Solution
Plusfood Improves Spiral Efficiency
Product Waste Reduced at Vitacress Salads, Ltd.
Reduction of Water Consumption and Maintenance with Intralox Sanitation Solution
Sanitation Solutions for Meat Processors
Sara Lee Saves Labor Needs with Intralox Singulation
Spiral Conveyor Success in Bakery Applications
Thorough Sanitation Achieved with Intralox SeamFree™ Belts
Zero Maintenance Activated Roller Belt™ Provides a 10% Increase in Line Output