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Thorough Sanitation Achieved with Intralox SeamFree™ Belts

Family-run company, Grupo Baucells Alimentació, S.A., processes approximately 2800 hogs each day, which equates to 220 tons of pork per day.

The belt cleaning procedures Baucells had instituted in their cutting area were proving inefficient. The design of their conveyor belts necessitated that they clean the belts twice in order to obtain the desired bacteriological results and clean appearance of work surfaces. As a solution, they tried increasing water pressure by mixing water with pressurized air, which allowed them to boost their cleaning efficiency without increasing water consumption. However, although this procedure showed an improvement in cleanliness, the additional cost of the method did not justify its adoption.

To find a complete solution to their sanitation problems, Baucells contacted Intralox. “We wanted to install Intralox modular belts because we had forged a good relationship with the Intralox team, and also because of the technical advice this team has given us and their interest in providing us with the best systems to ensure that our processes achieve results,” said Josep Clapera, Baucells’ Technical Manager. The Intralox sales engineering team advised Baucells to use a belt from Intralox’s SeamFree line of solutions. Molded from non-porous, nonabsorbent plastic, each module of SeamFree belting can be assembled without bricklayed seams up to a width of 36 inches, making it the widest plastic module available on the market and minimizing debris trapping areas.

After implementing the Intralox solution, Baucells experienced a 25% reduction in water consumption. The belts now arrive at the desired hygiene level with just one cleaning, reducing time spent on sanitation. The belt’s unique design makes it possible to access the previously inaccessible areas most susceptible to accumulating processing debris.

For more information: Intralox L.L.C. Europe

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