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Intralox Solution: Significant Advantages over Competition for Oerlemans Foods

Oerlemans Foods is a grower, producer, and supplier of freshly frozen vegetables, fruit, and potato products that reach consumers in over fifty countries. The Oerlemans plant in Waalwijk, Netherlands, produces mostly frozen spinach for 7-8 months out of the year, supplementing production with sprouts, red cabbage, peas, and other vegetables. Their blancher belt, which inputs 5 tons (6 tons maximum) of dry spinach at a time, moves at an average speed of 2.1meters/minute.

Oerlemans began experiencing many problems with their previous blancher belt after only one year of operation. Issues of concern included frequent breaking modules and excessive maintenance and repair of both belt and component materials. Additionally, belt engagement problems were so severe that they repositioned the belt 180 degrees.

At the end of 2006, Oerlemans worked with Intralox’s team of specialists to not only replace their blancher belt, but also to retrofit/rework their blancher in order to achieve optimal performance. They installed Intralox’s Series 800 Perforated Flat Top Large Slot (13/32), Intralox’s best belt solution for blanching and draining dry spinach.

Since installing the Intralox solution, Oerlemans has achieved improved product drainage and minimized risk of contamination and breakdown due to belt breakage. The easy replacement of Intralox belt modules facilitates easy maintenance and repair in only a fraction of the time previously required, significantly lowering maintenance hours for the plant. “With Intralox, the maintenance required to change a module only costs me five minutes maximum; before - this used to require at least 20 minutes, which is valuable time during production,” said Yves Huijbregts, Head of Oerlemans Technical Department.

For more information: Intralox L.L.C. Europe

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