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Sanitation Solutions for Meat Processors

In 2006, the European Union passed new, more stringent food safety regulations, putting primary responsibility on each stage of the food supply chain.

With passage of the new regulations, meat processors in Europe have seen changing hygiene laws with stricter requirements over the last twenty years. Customers insist that the meat they buy meets their increasing standards on shelf life.

Intralox Series 850 and Series 1650 SeamFree™ Minimum Hinge Flat Top belts are designed to meet increasing hygiene and sanitation requirements. When used in conjunction with the Intralox EZ Clean In Place system and Angled Sprockets, cleaning time and water usage can be reduced by as much as 65% compared to manual cleaning.

The Series 850 and Series 1650 belts feature a drive bar mechanism which prevents sprockets from pressing debris into the belt hinges. Fewer hinges increase rod exposure and enhance cleaning access. The patent-pending flume design on the belt underside effectively channels debris to the belt’s edge.

Using the EZ Clean In Place system show results of improved, reliable, consistent cleaning with lower bacterial counts and reduced cleaning time.

For more information: Intralox L.L.C. Europe

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