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FTNON Screw blancher for French fries

Cross flow circulation system

At present, the blanching of French fries is often undertaken in three stages. The first stage (short retention time/high temperature) is carried out in a screw blancher with cross flow circulation. The second and third stages - long retention time at low temperature – take place in a screw blancher with axial circulation (see the relevant article).
The aim of the first stage is to reach a high temperature inside a maximum of three minutes. For this purpose large quantities of hot water are pumped round. This is carried out on the basis of cross flow circulation. Water is introduced from beneath at different points over the entire length, and then drained off on both sides of the screw system. In this way, a very efficient heat transfer is achieved in a short time.
The FTNON screw blancher consists of a screw body mounted in a horizontal frame. A conveyor screw is fitted inside the body. This screw is constructed in such a way as to enable the product to pass through the blancher at a constant rate. In addition, the play between screw and wall is minimal, so that the chances of product damage are reduced to a minimum.
The process water is heated by turbo-heaters specially developed for the purpose by FTNON, and are integrated in the circulation system.

For more information: Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland B.V.

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