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FTNON – Efficient cost effective processing of potatoes

A consistent high quality end product and efficient cost effective processing are very important in the modern potato processing industry.

For this purpose Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland in Almelo and Asperen (Holland) has developed energy saving steam cookers with DCC® system. By virtue of this patented steam control system it is possible to steam, blanch, cook and disinfect with the lowest possible consumption of energy.

FTNON is also able to offer advanced solutions for pre-heating, blanching and cooling, such as heat recovery from overflow water and a very efficient cooling whereby the water consumption is reduced to a minimum.

Next to above-mentioned machines FTNON supplies complete washing lines with de-stoning systems and salt baths. Furthermore, special machinery and complete production lines for fresh potatoes, French fries, flakes and specialties belong to the FTNON delivery programme.

For more information: Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland B.V.

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