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Meat slices 2220 to 2800

2220: Topside
2221: Topside, without cap
2222: Topside, without cap, PAD
2223: Topside, without topside-eye and cap
2224: Eye of topside
2225: Cap (Topside)
2226: Cap, PAD
2231: Silverside, salmon cut without heel muscle
2232: Silverside, without salmon cut
2233: Silverside, without salmon cut, PAD
2234: Salmon cut
2235: Salmon cut, PAD
2236: Heel muscle
2249: Rump tail
2250: Rump tail, PAD
2251: Knuckle
2252: Knuckle, PAD
2253: Inside flank with thick cap
2254: Inside flank with thick cap, PAD
2255: Meat round femur, with thin cap
2256: Round of thick flank, PAD, divided
2257: Thick cap
2700: Femur-bone
2702: Marrow-bone, hindquarter, 2 x sliced
2800: Tail, tip-off

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