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Flash pasteurizer for pasteurization of beverages

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 What is measured and for what reason:
 Why is it special:
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Flash pasteurizer for pasteurization of beverages

What is measured and for what reason:

Temperature: Is the main parameter to monitor and to control the process
Pressure: Is used to increase the performance. Rising pressure difference between in and outlet indicates a build up on the plate, that need to be cleaned then.
Flow: Is used for process control
Data recording: Is used to save the important quality relevant process data, but also to monitor alarm points in flow and temperature.

Why is it special:

The flash pasteurizer is installed after the filtration unit. This is the last chance to get rid of microorganisms that may harm a product. The product is heated to a very specific temperature and kept there for a short while. Temperature and time are used for a very accurate control of the unit. To high temperature or to long times harm the product.

How can it be solved best:

Temperature: RTD assemblies are designed for sanitary installations.
Flow: An electromagnetic flow meter is the solution. Depending on hot or cold side use, the P or H sensor is recommended.
Pressure: Differential pressure transmitters are recommended.
Data recording: Memograph is the ideal choice or heating or cooling systems. Recording all needed data with including alarm point signals.

For more information: Endress+Hauser GmbH

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