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Distilled beverages

Distilled beverages are alcoholic beverages that are obtained by distillation from alcoholic beverages or masses. The distillation material can consist of wine, a concentrated sugar solution or a fermented grain suspension. The used ingredients, the course of the process, the reuse or non-reuse of the alcohol, the implementation of maturation, all give a variety of distilled beverages. The... go to >> Distilled beverages

Vodka war: MEPs serve up a compromise cocktail

How do you like your vodka? - A question barstaff the world over may ask you, but for the last few years this question has divided vodka producers across Europe. It is question of exactly what is vodka and when can the famous word be used for a product. Traditional producers say it can only carry the name "vodka" if distilled from cereals or potatoes. Other producers say that it can... go to >> Vodka war: MEPs serve up a compromise cocktail