New 5 in 1 PegasusŪ Mixer for multifunctional preparation

Thursday 12 April 2012

Dinnissen has launched the new 5 in 1 Pegasus® Mixer for multifunctional preparation. A single investment allows performance of the following process steps: mixing, vacuum-coating, drying, sterilisation and acidulation. This new variant of the existing Pegasus® Mixer is of particular interest to customers who quickly, efficiently and homogeneously want to produce aromatised products were high hygiene standards apply and a refreshingly acidic taste sensation is required, such as tea, cereals, (crunchy) sweets and snacks. Furthermore, simultaneously performing five process steps in a single compact unit saves energy and delivers other cost savings, as the process components can be cleaned rapidly and thoroughly with a minimum of effort.

Step 1: Fast and efficient mixing with the twin-shaft mixing mechanism

The twin-shaft Pegasus® Mixer is one of Dinnissen Process Technology’s top selling products. This mixer’s popularity can be attributed to the twin-shaft mixing mechanism that throws up and aerates powders, granules and granulates during mixing. This mixing method is also used in the 5 in 1 Pegasus® Mixer. The unique fluidised zone that is created as the product is thrown up allows fast and energy-efficient mixing with no product damage.

Step 2: Efficient spraying and vacuum-coating of high concentrations of fluid
The advantages of the twin-shaft mixing mechanism are also exploited when spraying the product with essential fluids such as aromas, oils, vitamins and enzymes. The specially designed metering unit allows 18 different fluids to be sprayed into the mixer in accurately measured amounts. The unique properties of the fluidised zone cause the finely atomised fluid droplets to mix homogenously with the dry ingredients. They coat each product particle without forming lumps or sticking. The vacuum feature offered by the Pegasus® Mixer ensures that the sprayed-on fluids penetrate deeply into the heart of the particles. It is even possible to apply multiple coats to particles and extruded products and to vary the strength of the vacuum process.

Step 3: Atmospheric or vacuum-drying of food products
The law of physics stating that substances reach their boiling point at a lower temperature in a vacuum, can be used to assist companies that want to dry their products. Dinnissen applies this technique in order to remove moisture from products at low temperatures. This advanced drying function in the 5 in 1 Pegasus® Mixer dries raw materials without adversely affecting the taste, colour and the functional properties of additives such as vitamins and enzymes. Obviously, the 5 in 1 Pegasus® Mixer also offers atmospheric drying. This form of drying either uses wall heat or a supply of heated dry air.

Step 4: Sterilizing products were high hygiene requirements apply
Products for which extra stringent hygiene requirements apply can be specially heat-treated with steam in the Pegasus® Mixer. This kills micro-organisms during the mixing process.

Step 5: Acidulation as the finishing touch
Various types of tea, sweets, cereals and snacks where a refreshingly acidic taste is required, can be given an innovative finishing-touch treatment in the Pegasus 5 in 1 Mixer. The powders, particles and granulates are first coated with an acidic powder such as organic acid and then post-treated using steam. The ensuing natural reaction that takes place in the product creates the desired refreshingly acidic taste effect.

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