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EU Directive 1935/2004

During its session on 27 October 2004, the European Parliament discussed materials and products which will come into contact with food. It adopted the above Directive which replaces Directives Nos. 80/590/EEC and 89/109/EEC.

In addition to the generally valid EU laws, every country has its own legal texts. Here is a selection:


  • Food and Commodities Act (LMBG)
  • Ordinance Concerning Substances Having a Pharmacological Effect
  • Ordinance Concerning the Authorisation of Food Additives
  • Ordinance on the Marketing of Food Additives
  • Ordinance on Deep-Frozen Food
  • Food Hygiene Ordinance (LMHV)
  • Maximum Levels of Residues Ordinance
  • Ordinance on Maximum Levels of Contaminants in Food
  • Ordinance on the Maximum Permissible Levels of Solvents
  • Ordinance on the Use of Extraction Solvents and Other Technical Aids in the Production of Food
  • Food Labelling Ordinance
  • Batch Labelling Ordinance
  • Ordinance on the Reorganization of Nutritional Labelling Requirement for Foodstuffs
  • Ordinance on Dietary Foodstuffs
  • Act Relating to the Advertising of Infant Formulae and Follow-on Formulae
  • Ordinance on Vitamin-Enriched Foods
  • Ordinance on the Treatment of Foodstuffs with Radiation
  • Plant Protection Act
  • Pesticides Ordinance
  • Use of Pesticides Ordinance
  • Trade Class Law
  • Ordinance Concerning Transport Containers for Food
  • Ordinance on Food Inspectors
  • Calibration Act
  • Finished Packaging Ordinance
  • Law on the Trade in Drugs
  • Law on Advertising in the Field of Medicine
  • Act on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases in Man (Federal Law on Epidemics)
  • Meat Hygiene Act
  • Meat Hygiene Ordinance
  • Ordinance on the Importation of Food
  • Minced Meat Ordinance
  • Ordinance on Marketing Standards for Poultry Meat
  • Poultry Meat Hygiene Act
  • Poultry Meat Hygiene Ordinance
  • Ordinance on Poultry Meat Inspectors
  • Ordinance on Meat Hygiene Measures for Preventing Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE Ordinance)
  • Ordinance on Statutory Trade Classes for Pork Halves
  • Ordinance on Statutory Trade Classes for Beef
  • Ordinance on Statutory Trade Classes for Mutton
  • Ordinance on Hygienic Requirements Relating to Fish and Live Molluscs
  • Ordinance on Marketing Standards for Eggs
  • Duck Eggs Ordinance
  • Egg Products Ordinance
  • Ordinance on Hygienic Requirements Relating to the Handling and Marketing of Chicken Eggs and Food Containing Raw Eggs (Chicken Egg Ordinance)
  • Milk and Margarine Act
  • Ordinance on Hygienic and Quality Requirements Relating to the Production, Handling and Marketing of Milk (Milk Ordinance)
  • Ordinance on Dairy Products
  • Milk Expertise Ordinance
  • Ordinance on the Labelling of Drinking Milk
  • Milk Quality Ordinance
  • Butter Ordinance
  • Cheese Ordinance
  • Margarine and Mixed Fat Ordinance
  • Erucic Acid Ordinance
  • Pasta Ordinance
  • Jam Ordinance
  • Fruit Juice Ordinance
  • Ordinance on Fruit Nectar and Fruit Syrup
  • Ordinance on Refreshments Containing Caffeine
  • Ordinance on Statutory Trade Classes for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
  • Ordinance on Statutory Trade Classes for Edible Potatoes
  • Ordinance on Maximum Levels of Aflatoxins in Food
  • Sugar Type Ordinance
  • Honey Ordinance
  • Ice Cream Ordinance
  • Coffee Ordinance
  • Ordinance on Cocoa and Cocoa Products
  • Wine Act
  • Wine Industry Act
  • Wine Monitoring Ordinance
  • Spirits Ordinance
  • Beer Ordinance
  • Drinking Water Ordinance
  • Aroma Ordinance
  • Hop Act
  • Tobacco Ordinance
  • Lead and Zinc Act
  • Commodities Ordinance
  • Detergent and Cleaning Agent Act
  • Cosmetics Ordinance
  • Act Relating to the Regulation of Price Information
  • Unfair Competition Act
  • Act Governing Restaurants
  • Feedstuffs Ordinance
  • Fertiliser Act

A summary of all acts that are valid in Germany is available at:

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