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Fruit salad

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 Enzymatic peeling
Fruit salads are becoming more and more popular. Cutted pieces of fruit are more easily to consume than whole fruit.


The process of preparing fruit salads is comparable to that of making vegetable salads. Take a view of that process by selecting ‘vegetables’ in the left menu. Different from vegetables is that fruit has to be peeled. In most cases this is still done manually. Manual peeling is very time consuming and laborious, but peeling with a drum centrifuge gives large product losses and damage to the product. Peeling machines can peel fruit after manual imput within the machine.

Enzymatic peeling

In this new method citrus fruit is peeled enzymatically. By means of rollers with prickers food grade enzymes are inserted under the skin. The enzymes are active on the white tissue between skin and flesh of the fruit. After a certain reaction time the skin loosens from the fruit flesh. The skin is still in place around the fruit. This skin can be easily removed manually. The result is a nice, undamaged fruit without white tissue.

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