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fluidity.nonstop Bakery and confectionery


medium to high viscosity

high fat and sugar content

highly abrasive cocoa powder content

Alongside the trend for micro- and craft-bakeries is a move to exploit economies of scale and, increasingly, bakeries are becoming large, high-volume process plants. This does not diminish the care with which the ingredients need to be handled nor the attention to detail.

Your ability to offer fast assembly of more ingenious and complex products with total reproducibility, even on the longest production runs, can create real competitive advantage.

Hearts today, diamonds tomorrow. There seems to be no limit to our desire for ever-fancier products. As tastes change, as food fashions change and as seasons change, different products are in demand. The complexity of the product assembly must be more than matched by flexibility on the process line.
  Optimizing the crystallization of fillings and toppings is part science, part magic!

Clever system design will ensure that product wastage is minimized during changeover. And that CIP can be handled at the touch of a button.

fluidity.nonstop in chocolate spread and 4-colour topping production
A typical fat based cream or chocolate spread crystallisation process may contain all or some of the following components.

Decorations and embellishments for cakes and biscuits often feature creams and jams or toppings of very differing viscosities. Delivering them predictably without impairing crystallization or appearance requires care – and the right equipment.

No surprises. CIP can save valuable time. And the results are always
predictably up to standard.

Caring for the product is vital. But care also needs to be taken of the machinery. Many of the fruit-based components used in confectionery processing are acidic or may contain abrasives.

Temperature control is vital. Cream-based ingredients spoil rapidly and unintended crystallization can cause unhygienic accumulations of product
within pipework and tanks.

Wastewater treatment forms an integral part of many applications in food processing. Our solutions may include a combination of progressive cavity pumps, AODD pumps, hose pumps, mixers, filters, grinders and munchers.

For more information: AxFlow BV

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