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Phase detection for liquid products e.g. CIP/water

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 What is measured and for what reason:
 Why is it special:
 How can it be solved best:
Phase detection for liquid products, water/product, CIP/water …… with conductivity

What is measured and for what reason:

The change over of media is from high interest, because loosing product is as well bad as having water in it. This is valid for all kinds of products.

Why is it special:

The flow rate in food pipes is usually around 1,5 m/s. The reaction time is very short, to have a sharp cut of. Temperature changes might make the measurement more difficult.

How can it be solved best:

The Endress+Hauser CLS 52 and the compact CLD 132 give a very fast and reliable signal. For rough circumstances, vacuum followed by pressure hammers a fully coated temperature sensor is available. The conductivity signal is always fast, because it is swinging over the real value. Concentration measurement needs the temperature compensation. Here the different t90 times are important.

For more information: Endress+Hauser GmbH

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