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Ready-To-Serve Meals, Snacks, Sauces

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 Convenience food from the consumer's perspective
 Controlling the parameters of automated processes with effective measuring instruments
 Chilled meals, sauces, snacks
Ready-to-serve meals are rapidly becoming more popular internationally, especially in industrialized nations. Annual growth rates of 20% are normal in this segment.

Convenience food from the consumer's perspective

Large families have become less commonplace, while the convenience factor plays a major role in smaller households. Simple and, in particular, quick preparation is the main reason some consumers choose a product.

New production processes and logistics methods have increased the quality and taste of these products to new heights. The customer expects meals which are produced by specialists designed to provide good taste and healthy nutrition.

Controlling the parameters of automated processes with effective measuring instruments

The parameters in the often highly automated production process must be controlled precisely. Flexibility is necessary in order to be able to process several products in a plant. Suitably extensive and effective measuring instruments and data recorders must be used in order to retrace the utilized materials and the process data.

Chilled meals, sauces, snacks

A distinction is made between frozen and simply chilled ready-to-serve meals. Ready-to-serve sauces are also available and can be combined with pasta, rice or potato products to create a quick meal.

Another popular product in this segment is snacks. Formerly reserved for the evening, products from this segment are now often used throughout the day. These products are typically prepared in oil.

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