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 Increasing tendency for consumers to eat snacks
 Varying production processes
Snacks are products of the takeaway society. They are small meals or food which are consumed on the move - in passing as it were.

Snacks include products such as hamburgers, all kinds of sausages, French fries, sandwiches, bagels and cakes. Baked variants such as crackers or crisps or nuts are also included under the generic term "snacks". They are characterized by the fact that they do not represent a complete meal. They are purchased for breaks at work or for quick consumption at home.

Increasing tendency for consumers to eat snacks

Both areas have increased considerably in the past few years. The products are prepared and packed in such a way that they are ready for consumption with minimum time and effort. They must contain a quality standard which is very similar to or above that in restaurants.

Varying production processes

The production processes vary considerably since the end products have very different raw material requirements and processing needs. However, different raw materials are often mixed with spices and then heated. The processes may very closely resemble those used in the production of ready meals (chilled and frozen). Due to the large number of ingredients and processes, it is very important to comply with and document recipes and production steps. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) for food producers also applies in this case. This includes a quality assurance system based on HACCP.

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