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 More and more elaborate sauces for consumers
 HACCP system for recording process parameters
The idea of selling ready-made sauces is as old as the technical methods for removing water. Freeze drying is a complex but gentle method.

The product to be conserved is frozen and the water which it contains is removed in a vacuum. The storage life can be increased substantially using this method. Sauce powder formed the backbone of this industry for a long time. It makes sense to minimize the volume and weight of a consignment with long-distance logistics. However, current transport options render this approach ineffective over short distances.

After a change in the technical possibilities of a continuous chilling chain and changed consumption patterns, sales of ready-to-use sauces increased dramatically.

More and more elaborate sauces for consumers

Modern sauces are becoming increasingly more lavish due to convenience endeavors. They satisfy the taste demands of consumers. The ingredients are processed completely fresh. Only a very small amount of water or none at all has to be added during preparation. Preparation only takes a few minutes.

Increasingly popular are sauces whose recipes originate from foreign cultures. These sauces are high-quality products which very closely resemble the original taste. Fresh herbs, vegetables, meat or fish form the basis of the sauces. All the raw materials are thoroughly inspected and sorted. The cooking methods are adapted in such a way that the raw materials are treated properly.

HACCP system for recording process parameters

According to the laws and standards relating to batch retracing, it is very important to record both the goods flows and the process parameters of the individual batches. Commercial companies must have a highly developed HACCP system. The measuring equipment must be matched exactly to the specific conditions.

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