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fluidity.nonstop Meat processing

Spices for addition to MDM

(Mechanically deboned meat)

Highly abrasive

Nothing less than complete control over the whole production chain is required. That’s easy to say, but it can be harder to achieve. Unless you really understand the process – in theory and in practice.

Hygienic production requires understanding how the product behaves under differing conditions and recognizing the critical control points. But you also need to know how much that product in turn affects its environment. Bones, for example, can scour and abrade pipework. This can lead to the development of potential bacteria traps. And to complicate things further, carcasses from different animals behave in different ways.

Oil and fat for secondary processes can have a tendency to accumulate inside surfaces. This accumulation affects temperature and consistency. In severe cases it can become a hazard point.

Predictable temperature control
with fast cooling is key to ensuring safety and hygiene.
  The end product is a high quality, and often low-fat delicate raw ingredient. But the process itself is tough on equipment. look for low, total lifecycle cost.

Speed is key at all times!
When you need to increase the temperature it should be fast. And when you need to cool, it should be faster still.

Even if you do not practice CIP, effective cleaning should be as simple as possible.

fluidity.nonstop in Mechanically Deboned Meat (MDM) production
An MDM production process may include all or some of the following components.


Equipment used in MDM production must be tough, durable and resistant to abrasion from bones and spices.

From warm to cold. Deboning and decanting generates heat and prolonged high temperature is a hygiene risk.

Excess fat is separated, cooled and used as a base for sauces, soups and convenience foods.

Bones and remains of carcasses can even be pumped off as a by-product.
  Scraped surface heat exchangers continuously scrape the inside surface of the barrel to prevent the accumulation of product and possible contamination and assure an efficient heat transfer.

Smart system design makes cleaning fast, efficient and simple.

Knowledge is power. Complete centralized monitoring of the system keeps you in control.

Wastewater treatment forms an integral part of many applications in food processing. Our solutions may include a combination of progressive cavity pumps, AODD pumps, hose pumps, mixers, filters, grinders and munchers.

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