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Sheep: full-line solutions from 100 - 1,000 per hour

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 Pre-slaughter handling
 Bleeding & hollow knife systems
 Pre-dehiding & Dehiding
 Chilling & Cooling
  • Full-line solutions from stable to chilling room
  • Ritual processing solutions
  • Various de-hiding solutions
Full line solution Ritual killing

De-hiding High quality mutton

Pre-slaughter handling

Handling of animals pre-slaughter in the meat processing facility is crucial for meat quality. MPS Red Meat Slaughtering is able to training your staff and design stables and runways. Many sources state that not the stunning method as such but the animal handling and the quality of the stunning method is determining meat quality.


MPS has various stunning aids available including ritual stunning systems.

Bleeding & hollow knife systems

Depending on capacity and requirement of customer MPS Red Meat Slaughtering supplies both ergonomic manual work stations to advanced Q-line hollow knife blood collection systems.


By using a bleeding conveyor system, which is transporting the sheep through the bleeding area on a separate bleeding shackle, the sheep will be transferred after bleeding to single dressing hook or a sheep gambrel on which it can be dehided and dressed.

Pre-dehiding & Dehiding

For ergonomic pre-dehiding and dehiding of sheep MPS supplies a number of solutions: from a fully manual up to an automated process. Conveyor system for both horizontal as well as vertical pre-dehiding operations are available.


Adding value to the carcass drives the evisceration process. MPS designed evisceration systems based on:
  • Optimize labour use
  • Maximize slaughter efficiency
  • Minimize contamination
White organs

Red organs

Veterinary inspection

Weighing & Grading

Chilling & Cooling


Most of today’s modern meat plants are provided with a quick chill tunnel to reduce the carcass temperature as soon as possible and avoid unnecessary weight losses.

Cooling or Equalisation rooms

For the installation of the cooling rooms MPS supplies both automatic and manual transport systems.


For an efficient dispatch of the carcasses or meat racks, MPS provides several solutions for loading the trucks from the internal rail system.

For more information: MPS Meat Processing Systems
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Full-line solutions from stable to chilling room Ritual processing solutions Various de-hiding solutions ... read full description
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