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fluidity.nonstop Dairy


medium viscosity

live milk culture

contains delicate fruit

medium fat content

The pressure comes from all sides: maintaining food safety and hygiene at all times and throughout the production and distribution chain, while still functioning flexibly and profitably within very tight margins. It’s a balancing act that requires fast, flexible cleanability with push-button CIP and SIP, effective and dependable temperature control and systems that allow 100% product reproducibility at all times.

Dairy products can be highly shear-sensitive. Process equipment must support high volume production while avoiding damage and product loss in tender fruits and delicate, live milk cultures.

Autocleaning (CIP and SIP) is not only faster, it’s also more predictable, more controllable and has greater reproducibility. it is designed and dimensioned to ensure full hygienic cleaning every time throughout your pipework, pumps, tanks and jets. risk elements are eliminated, peace of mind restored.

A guaranteed hygienic production line gives you and your customers peace of mind. And it brings more business your way.
  Getting the systems right involves understanding how the equipment functions – and how the food behaves in that environment. recognizing the hygiene traps, the abrasion and wear points, and having the knowledge and experience to eliminate them can bring an added level of profitability to your process.

Predictable pump performance allows you to work to tighter production tolerances, increasing your profit margin in increasingly competitive environments.

fluidity.nonstop in yoghurt production
A yoghurt production line may feature all or some of the following components.

Typically, yoghurt production requires several controlled changes in temperature:
first to pasteurize the milk, then after homogenization fast cooling brings the milk to the optimal incubation temperature required to keep the culture alive. Further fast cooling is needed followed by strict temperature controlled packing, storing and distribution.

Yoghurt is an irreversible fluid so gentle pumping required.

Live milk culture is highly sensitive.

Fast, shear-free transfer of delicate yoghurt base. Maximizes production volume without loss of quality.

Gentle dosing of tender fruit. Predictable reproducibility of a high value end-product. The higher the concentration of whole fruit, the higher the value.

Guaranteed hygienic production.

Easy, fast automated CIP and SIP cleaning.

Short pipework runs minimize product wastage.

Wastewater treatment forms an integral part of many applications in food processing. Our solutions may include a combination of progressive cavity pumps, AODD pumps, hose pumps, mixers, filters, grinders and munchers.

For more information: AxFlow BV

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