Time-temperature indicator to controle the quality of fresh food

Monday 2 July 2007

“The first OnVu™ TTIs, designed for meat, fish and convenience products with a shelf life of 5-6 days at 5°C, have attracted great interest and are currently being field-tested for the first time by major German retailers under hands-on conditions,” said Hermann Angerer, Global Head of Ciba’s Coating Effects Segment. ”The new generation of TTIs now allows us to offer freshness monitoring for enhanced confidence in self-service products with a shelf life of one week and more, e. g. processed meat such as sausage, dairy products, ready meals and other convenience foods.”

The most common causes of spoilage of chilled food and beverages are too high temperatures during storage and transport. OnVu™ TTIs allow producers, retailers and consumers to check at a glance whether perishable products have been correctly transported and stored, thus helping to enhance consumer convenience and confidence, strengthen the reputation of brands using them and optimize shelf life.

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