Steinsieker Mineral Water sticks with its returnables philosophy

Monday 31 October 2005

In 1984, the mineral water bottlers Brohler Mineral- und Heilbrunnen took over a small mineral water company, and launched the brand of Steinsieker. In the subsequent years, a lot of money was invested in the buildings and the bottling equipment. Following the extremely encouraging results achieved after launching returnable PET containers with the Brohler brand, the parent company decided to purchase a new returnable-PET line for Steinsieker as well, which went into operation in 2004.

“The erection work was completed remarkably quickly, thanks to a lot of good work by Krones”, says General Manager Markus Schilling. 90 per cent of the machines installed in the bottling line come from Krones, like the palletiser and depalletiser, the packer and the unpacker, the label remover and the labeller, the bottle washer, the filler and the capper.

Prototype of the Aircontronic sniffer as an inline machine “One of the most important pieces of equipment in a returnable-PET line is the sniffer. Krones has developed this in an entirely different type of design, as an inline machine. This means it’s very compactly dimensioned, which we see as a major advantage. Since our line is run at the high speed of 30,000 bottles an hour, a prototype of this Air-contronic machine has been integrated here.”

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