Novozymes' UltrafloŽ Max: increased capacity and reduced costs in brewing

Friday 11 May 2007

Ultraflo Max is a unique beer filtration enzyme solution for the brewing industry. Regardless of variation in the malt, it offers increased capacity and reduced costs.

“Ultraflo Max changes the benchmark for beer filtration. No matter which malt is used in the brewery, they can experience improved beer filtration with Ultraflo Max. On top of that the brewing industry right now experiences difficulties because the quality of malt is low and the amount of malt is reduced. And this is exactly what Ultraflo Max addresses,” says Andy Fordyce, Marketing Director, Beverage Industries at Novozymes. “We could not have chosen a better time for launching this new enzyme.”

The first customer is already using the enzyme and they describe it as the best beer filtration solution on the market. “The enzyme has the potential to get even more breweries to use beer filtration enzymes in their beer production, and we believe it will enable us to expand the market of enzymes for brewing,” says Patrick Patterson, Global Marketing Manager, Brewing Industry at Novozymes.

Increases capacity and reduces costs
In the brewing process, the malt is made into wort which is filtered before being fermented. After fermentation the beer is filtrated to achieve a clear beer. Certain cell wall components in the malt determine the viscosity of the wort and thereby the speed and ease of wort and beer running through the filters. By using filtration enzymes to break down these components in the malt, the viscosity is reduced and the beer filtration is improved.

This means breweries can get longer and more consistent beer filtration cycles. “This enzyme can increase capacity and improve the bottom line for the breweries by getting more beer through the filters and reducing costs of filter cleaning and production down time,” Andy Fordyce says.

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