New website to showcase nano packaging and ingredient project

Tuesday 10 August 2010

A new website,, will be launched later this month to showcase the work of the EU’s NanoLyse project dedicated to developing validated methods and reference materials for the analysis of engineered nano-particles (ENP) in food and beverages.

Project leader Dr Stefan Weigel, Institute for Food Safety within Wageningen University and Research Centre in the Netherlands, told “The new website will present the objectives of the NanoLyse project launched in January this year and report on progress towards meeting those objectives.”

The NanoLyse initiative, backed by EU funding of €2.95m, will explore nanoparticles behaviour in terms of a range of applications across the food industry from its use as a potential anti-microbial coating for food contact surfaces or packaging to incorporation with ingredients.

Elsewhere, research is underway to engineer nanosensors to detect pathogens and toxins in food or to register environmental changes. For example, nanochips in smart inks could be used for food packaging to warn if the temperature of the package rose above programmed limits.

link to website