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Friday 3 September 2010

  • Packaging industry: 20 % market growth in the food sector
  • Major potential: cooling and refrigeration technology
  • Business platform of the industry
The investment plans of the Russian food industry are highly promising for all areas of the bakery-products industries. The supermarkets, in particular, are opening up more and more in-store bakeries, investing in modern cooling equipment and final-bake equipment. Also in the gastronomy sector, fresh bakery products are what customers are demanding. This is boosting demand for semi-baked goods, ready-to-use pieces of dough and deep-frozen bakery goods, as well as the necessary machines and packaging.

Packaging industry: 20 % market growth in the food sector
The prospects for the packaging industry are especially promising. Packaging and packaging materials to the value of around EUR 14 bn. are consumed in Russia each year - and the indicators point towards growth. Particularly high growth rates are expected for the packaging of food: annual market growth of up to 20 % (source: Aberkeyd market research institute). This is because the producers are increasingly asking for innovative packaging solutions which satisfy consumers‘ more challenging expectations in terms of quality and durability. Apart from this, more and more producers are seeing creative packaging as an important instrument for promoting sales and for conveying an image.

Major potential: cooling and refrigeration technology
The second area of industry with major business potential for international companies is cooling and refrigeration technology. In view of rising energy costs and growing environmental consciousness, 80 % of the cooling facilities and deep-freeze facilities currently in operation in Russia must be replaced in the next few years. Investments in cold stores and cooling technology are also on the agenda, as the market share of cooled and deep-frozen foods is constantly growing. The domestic manufacturers will not be able to meet this demand alone. As a result, around 70 % of the machines have to be supplied by foreign producers.

Business platform of the industry:
Over the last 15 years, MODERN BAKERY MOSCOW has established itself as the business platform Number One for the industry. A look at the list of exhibitors shows that today the international trade fair for bakery and confectionery is about a great deal more than solely bread and baking: suppliers of baking mixes, additives, fillings and decor are also exhibiting, as are shopfitters and manufacturers of refrigeration technology and proofing technology, ovens, baking lines and packaging machines.

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