Loma’s X-ray goes XL

Wednesday 18 August 2010

Loma Systems, the leading suppliers of X-ray inspection technology, have developed a versatile X-ray system designed for comprehensive inspection of larger products.

Loma has launched the X4 800XL X-ray inspection system, utilising proven Loma X-ray technology, whilst incorporating a large aperture infeed system that can handle large products, such as bulk meat in film or Euro crates and meat boxes.

The food and general packaging industry are currently seeking to reduce interim primary packaging, by upsizing raw materials to the legal limits of product handling. This presents a series of new challenges particularly to food processors who handle meat, large sacks of food ingredients or any other solid or semi solid foodstuff such as large unprocessed blocks of cheese.

It is in the first stage of product handling when a product reaches the processing halls that traditional inspection is carried out. The challenge incurred by all producers from larger sizes is ensuring the same quality of accuracy as before.

The end user for the X4 800XL is likely to be in 24/7 operation, so the system has been ‘designed to survive’, meeting IP66 environment specifications, making it ideal for the tough industrial locations it will be exposed to. Built with heavy-duty conveyor components and high quality electronics, the system offers the utmost level of reliability and performance.

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