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Aspartame is an artificial sweetener, also known as E951. An artificial sweetener is matter which is not a sugar, but which, just like sugars, stimulates the sense for sweet taste. Nowadays, in many products sugar is replaced by these artificial sweeteners. Aspartame is one of the intensive sweeteners. This means the sweetening strength of aspartame is 150 to 200 times larger than sugar.... go to >> Aspartame


Gelatin is a popular gelling agent. Gelatin is obtained from bones, skins and tissue of animals. Usually by-products from a slaughterhouse of cows, pigs and fish is used. Since 2001 the bones of cows may not be used anymore for feed and food in the EU. These bones may only be used for gelatin for technical applications. Gelatin is water soluble and digestible and is a gel that is strong,... go to >> Gelatin