analyze meat and sausages at-line in only 15 seconds.

Friday 9 March 2007

Process control in the meat and sausage industry

In the past few years, meat and sausage companies have extended their incoming goods controls to include additives and auxiliary agents. Results from meat companies have shown that major deviations of the raw materials used result in considerable sensory deviations of the final product. Both experts and laypersons can recognize these taste differences. Detailed tests have also revealed that differing raw materials or inhomogeneous mixtures may result in wrong batches of spice mixtures. Therefore, spice manufacturers have integrated the relevant examinations in their incoming goods inspections. They use an NIR measuring instrument, usually a meat analyzer, to examine their raw materials and finished products. The newly developed Zeiss TQC Meat Analyzer can analyze meat and sausages at-line in only 15 seconds.

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