A300SE+ ink jet printer provide maximum performance and reliability in harsh environments

Monday 6 September 2010

A-Series plus SE
Domino's A-Series A300SE+ and A300SE+ Duo provide maximum performance and reliability in the harshest environments, combining proven ink jet reliability with an industry unique sealed cabinet, certified to IP66, producing highly efficient and reliable printers where a truly sealed printer is needed.

Withstanding Harsh Environments
The sealed cabinet construction (316 grade stainless steel) makes this printer ideal for use in tough environments where high levels of dust or vapours are produced. The cabinet pressurisation system protects the printer from airborne contaminants that could effect reliability and automatic sensors ensure that the printer will only operate when the cabinet is fully protected from external sources of dirt or moisture.

Ideal for use in the following environments:
  • Beverage - sugar syrup or steam Construction - concrete or cement dust, fibrous dust
  • Fruit and vegetable packing - vegetable / fruit dust or fibres
  • Chemicals - plastic, resin or pigments as dust or fibres; chemical or solvent vapours
  • Food Manufacture - powdered ingredients, dust from dried ingredients, steam, sugar syrup
  • Metal Processing - oil mist, metal filings/particles
  • Paper and Board - dust and fibres
  • Electronics - solvent vapours, carbon dust
Easy to Maintain
As with all A-Series plus| , manual printhead cleaning is a preventative maintenance procedure rather than the daily routine. The fully automated start up and shut down system using Domino’s nozzle sealing feature, means that production and coding can start when you want, without the delays associated with other systems

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