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Picoline for laboratory and research applications

During R&D and early stage development work for new products, multiple processes need to be developed and evaluated. However, at this stage the products required for development work or trials are often only available in very small quantities because of the extreme prices of thousands of Euros per gram or because they are simply not existing in larger quantities.
Therefore Hosokawa developed the Picoline range.

Objective is to process valuable materials in extremely small quantities, using different technologies like pin mill, bead mill, jet mill, classifier and mixers.

Mixing development on a miniature scale: Picomix

One of these Picoline technology is the Picomix
Till now, Hosokawa Micron had only a 1 liter Cyclomix® with a working volume from 250ml till 1litres in her program for R&D purposes. Although this unit performs outstanding, it was considered too large in some situations. Therefore, based on the Cyclomix® Technology the Picomix has been developed with a content of only 100 ml. The Working volume of the Picomix is from 25ml up to 100ml.

Advantages of the “little” high shear impact mixer
  • Very fast mixing
  • From high shear/impact mixing to gentle mixing
  • Excellent control of product temperature
  • Constant product quality at different filling volume
  • Filling rate from 25% up to 100%
  • No bearing or seals directly in the mixing zone
  • Full discharge without loss of material
  • Direct drive with speed regulation
  • Different rotor geometry possible
  • Short downtime for cleanin

Low investment costs

Product development on a miniature scale, the Hosokawa Picoline series stands for fully blown production technology for R&D laboratories. And hat at an early stage and at low capital investment costs!

Picoline is synonymous for maximum yields
The space requirement of the mini machines is modest and they are easy to operate, dismantle and clean. Knowledge gathered during R&D activities with a machine from the Picoline range can be transferred to pilot- and production-scale machines. In terms of design and process technology, the machine concepts of the Picoline range orient themselves to the well-established product lines from the Hosokawa Group.

For more information: Hosokawa Micron bv

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