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FTNON Multi-functional washing system for fruit

FTNON has developed this washing system for large diameter products such as melons and pineapples. However, it is also suitable for smaller fruit and vegetables, like apples, oranges, kiwis, grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers etc.
The system is capable of giving all varieties a thorough wash with extreme care. Moreover, it works well on both floating and sinking products.
To ensure a good wash the products are firmly sprayed while they are submerged. The washing system consists of a modular conveyor with flights. At the entry part the conveyor runs deeply in the water to reduce damage at the infeed. After this section the conveyor elevates till the top of the flights is above the water. The water level is controlled by an overflow. The belt is perforated to allow sand or stones to sink out. The flights on the belt guarantee an optimal transport of product; the retention time is perfectly controlled in this way.
At the outfeed part the belt rises again to lift all products out of the water. The products are collected on a bouncing chute which absorbs the speed of the products (option). Thereafter it is possible to pack them in f.e. crates.

For more information: Food Technology Noord-Oost Nederland B.V.

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