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DrinkTec 2009 BLÜCHER

For years Blücher has been an important Danish producer of stainless steel draining systems.

Special developments:

fig. 1a

fig. 1b 
A closable drain, which can only be removed using a vacuum clamp. It is now only been used in pharmaceutical plants, but it also presents a good solution for areas where dry products are being processed and where wet cleaning is only applied in case of an emergency . (figures 1a en 1b)

fig. 2

fig. 3
A cast massive cover grid without crevices present in normal grids (fig. 2) Because the connection of the synthetic floor often rips at first at the edge of the rectangular drain, causing an uncleanable crevice, BLÜCHER developed a circular drain (figuur 3)

A rat stop against climbing in vertical drain pipes (no photo).

For more information: BLÜCHER