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Meat slices 4100 to 4723

4100: Leg with foot, without flank
4105: Leg, without foot, Spanish cut
4121: Leg, sel-sec
4135: Leg, without foot, flank and tail
4143: Leg, Hamburg-cut
4156: Leg, Italian cut
4176: Leg, Lyonnaise cut
4187: Leg, Parma-cut
4210: Leg 1d, deboned
4211: Leg 2d, deboned, rindless
4212: Leg 3d, deboned, rindless, without fat
4213: Leg 4d, deboned, rindless, without fat and shank
4214: Leg, divided
4220: Topside muscle
4221: Silverside muscle
4222: Thick flank
4255: Chump, deboned, rindless, without fat
4723: Shankmeat

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