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Table of Contents PART 1: PHYSICAL AND SENSORY PROPERTIESStructure-Property Relationships in Foods, J.M. Aguilera Physical and Microstructural Properties of Frozen Gelatinized Starch Suspensions, N.E. Zaritzky Correlation Between Physico-Chemical and Sensory Data, G.E. Hough Psychophysical Methods Applied to the Investigation of Sensory Properties in Foods, M.C. Zamora Sensory and Instrumental Measures of Viscosity, E. Costell and L. Dur?n Food Composites, P.J. Lillford Thermal Properties and State Diagrams of Fruits and Vegetables by DSC, A.M. Sereno A Thermorheological Model of Corn Starch Dispersion During Gelatinization, W.H. Yang and M.A. Rao Integral and Differential Linear and Nonlinear Constitutive Models for the Rheology of Wheat Flour, Doughs J.L. Kokini, M. Dhanasekharan, C.F. Wang, and H. Huang PART 2: ADVANCES IN FOOD PROCESSINGUltrafiltration of Apple Juice, J.E. Lozano, D.T. Constenla, and M.E. Carr?n Simulation of Drying Rates and Quality Changes During the Dehydration of Foodstuffs, G.H. Crapiste Vacuum Impregnation in Fruit Processing, P. Fito, A. Chiralt, J.M. Barat, and J. Martinez-Monz? Engineering Trends in Food Freezing, R.H. Mascheroni Evaluation of Freezing and Thawing Processes Using Experimental and Mathematical Determinations, A.C. Rubiolo Minimal Processing of Fruits and Vegetables, R.P. Singh and J.D. Mannapperuma Minimal Preservation of Fruits: A CYTED Project, S.M. Alzamora, M.S. Tapia, A. Le?nda, S.N. Guerrero, A.M. Rojas, L.N. Gerschenson, and E. Parada Arias A Review of Nonthermal Technologies, S. Bolado-Rodriguez, M.M. G?ngora-Nieto, U. Pothakamury, G.V. Barbosa-C?novas, and B.G. Swanson Minimally Processed Foods with High Hydrostatic Pressure, A. L?pez-Malo, E. Palou, G.V. Barbosa-C?novas, B.G. Swanson, and J. Welti-Chanes PART 3: CURRENT TOPICS IN FOOD ENGINEERINGBiocatalysts for the Food Industry, A. Illanes Enzymatic Synthesis of Food Additives, A. van der Padt, F.B., N. Heinsman, J. Sewalt, and K. van 't Riet Plastic Materials for Modified Atmosphere Packaging, R. Catal? and R. Gavara Gelation of Soybean Proteins at Acidic pH, M.C. Puppo and M.C. A??n