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Index page for: Methods in Chemosensory Research

Table of Contents Behavioral StudiesPsychophysical Measurement of Oral ChemesthesisBehavioral Methods in Olfactory Research with RodentsMolecular and Cell Biology of Taste and OlfactionRecordings from Vertebrate Olfactory Receptor Neurons: From Isolated Cells to Intact Epithelial PreparationsRecordings from Olfactory Receptor Neurons in the Rat in VivoVoltage-Sensitive and Calcium-Sensitive Dye Imaging of Activity in the Olfactory Bulb: Presynaptic Inhibition, Maps of Receptor Cell Input, and OscillationsGustatory System Development: New Experimental Approaches in Amphibian and Mammalian EmbryosMammalian Taste ReceptorsResearching Isolated Taste Receptor Cells: Deciphering Transduction Cascades with Patch-Clamp and Calcium: Imaging TechniquesRapid Kinetic Measurements in Chemosensory SystemsElectrophysiological Recordings of Mammalian TasteHigher-Order Studies in Taste and OlfactionActivation of Neurons in the Trigeminal Subnucleus Caudalis (Vc) by Irritant Chemical Stimulation: Extracellular Single- Unit Recording and c-fos Immunohistochemical MethodsMethodological Considerations for Electrophysiological Recording and Analysis of Taste-Responsive Neurons in the Brainstem of the RatElectrophysiological Analysis of Olfactory Coding in the CNSElectrophysiological Studies of Gustation in Awake RatsRecording from Single Neurons in the Primary Taste Cortex of the Alert MacaqueOlfactory Learning and the Neurophysiological Study of Rat Prefrontal FunctionOlfactory Event-Related PotentialsApplication of Functional MRI in Olfactory StudiesFunctional Imaging of Olfactory Activation in the Human Brain