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Methods in Chemosensory Research


ISBN10: 849323290
ISBN13: 9780849323294

Publisher: CRC Press

Price: $149.95
Pages: 552
Publish date: September 2001

Combines new and innovative methods to investigate new and novel aspects of taste and olfaction Describes behavioral studies of the taste and olfactory systems Includes modern chemosensory research such as identifying new genes, imaging (calcium, voltage-dependent dyes, NMR), rapid kinetics, behavioral testing, recordings from awake behaving animals Describes single and multi-electrode recordings from awake behaving animals, recordings from isolated taste cells, and various brainstem nuclei and shows how these data can be interpreted Written by world experts in the field of neuronal chemoreception, Methods in Chemosensory Research describes new molecular, electrophysiological, genetic, behavioral, psychophysical, and imaging techniques that have recently been adapted to investigate the basic neuronal mechanisms underlying chemoreception: taste, olfaction and chemical-induced irritation. This unique book includes a wide variety of new and innovative imaging methods, electrophysiological methods, methods to investigate development, and various aspects of behavioral testing. Covering the entire spectrum of chemoreception, each section not only describes what information can be obtained by using each method, but also shows how to apply each method to obtain reliable results. The book presents a comprehensive view of how the brain uses information about chemical stimuli that interact with receptors in the nose and tongue. Methods in Chemosensory Research gives you the new tools to learn how chemicals affect activity from the genetic to the behavioral levels.

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