Wi-Fi infrastructure to eliminate "blind spots" in supply chain tracking

Thursday 24 May 2007

G2 Microsystems Demos Advanced Wi-Fi Asset Tracking System with Cisco Systems and SAP®

At SAPPHIRE® ’07 G2 Microsystems Inc. revealed first-time demonstrations of its new Wi-Fi Asset Tracking System. The new solution leverages existing Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) technology to help solve the number-one problem facing supply chain managers—the limited visibility of their product’s status throughout the supply chain.

“If your product could talk, you would always be informed of its condition and status,” said John Gloekler, president and CEO of G2 Microsystems. “Our Wi-Fi asset tracking system is the next best thing, delivering critical information at the edge of the supply chain.”

The G2 Wi-Fi Asset Tracking System eliminates “blind spots” by providing location information as well as asset condition information like temperature, tamper, tilt, shock and light exposure. The system uses Wi-Fi Asset Tags and the G2 Tag Engine to provide asset status and condition data at key distribution points throughout the supply chain. When exceptions are detected against business rules, events are generated in SAP® Event Management, which will automatically trigger alerts and change workflows.

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