Why products from Kenya produce less CO2 than from Amsterdam

Tuesday 13 February 2007

The study, commissioned by World Flowers and Sainsbury’s, indicated that carbon emissions for Kenyan roses, including air freight, were just 17 per cent of those for Dutch roses.
Alison Austin, Sainsbury’s head of brand policy and sustainability, said: “What this shows is that it is not as simple as avoiding products from far-flung places. It’s about gathering information to make an informed carbon choice.”

Flower companies are drawing up eco-friendly guidelines in an attempt to assuage mounting consumer concern surrounding sourcing and “flower miles”.

Interflora, the UK’s biggest flower delivery network, said that it was putting together a series of “green” guidelines for its members in response to a surge in consumer interest in its sourcing policies. A spokeswoman said: “We are consulting with bodies such as the Carbon Neutral Company.”

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