Video to help boost contamination detection in food and beverages

Thursday 19 August 2010

A new video from laboratory equipment specialist Thermo Fisher Scientific is designed to improve food safety by showcasing the benefits of its TraceFinder analytical software.

Intended for food safety and environmental testing laboratories, the video shows how TraceFinder software allows users to reduce method development time from hours or days to minutes.

Dipankar Ghosh, the company’s head of Environmental and Food Safety Marketing group, told “The TraceFinder software, when coupled with a TSQ Series triple stage quadrupole mass spectrometry system, enables the confirmation and quantification of hundreds of contaminants in a single experiment. Whether testing for pesticides, antibiotics, or contaminants such as melamine, TraceFinder simplifies a workflow and shortens method development time.”

Safety laboratories
The demonstration video allows MS users in environmental and food safety laboratories worldwide to integrate TraceFinder software into their laboratories with maximum effectiveness, he added.

The software unifies data acquisition, data review and QA/QC workflow on LC-MS/MS instruments. “TraceFinder’s extensive menu of preconfigured methods makes it simple to select the assay, build the sample list, set the report options and submit samples for analysis,” said Ghosh.

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