Vegetable cream whips up a treat

Tuesday 1 May 2007

Danisco’s new emulsifier & stabiliser system creates an appealing alternative to dairy whipping cream.

Danisco has developed a new opportunity for the food industry to produce vegetable whipping cream with a dairy-like taste and great stability right through its shelf life.

Long-lasting decorations
Vegetable whipping cream containing GRINDSTED® WP 950 exhibits excellent shape retention and resistence to syneresis, ideal for cake and dessert decorations. Frozen cakes and desserts are another key application due to the top freeze/thaw stability.

Superb whipping properties also create the possibility to maximise on overrun - an advantage resulting in lower production costs compared to the traditional dairy product.

Easier processing
In addition to enhancing quality, the system enables manufacturers to overcome well-known processing difficulties. Low viscosity is ensured and the formation of a cream plug avoided, all making a complex process considerably easier